Mobile phone plans

OVO for Mobile is a prepaid SIM for your mobile that gets you more data and unlimited calling.

BYO phone. No contracts - ever.

$24.95 / month

$34.95 / month

$44.95 / month
12 GB

$44.95 / month
Data 2 GB 8 GB 12 GB
+ OVOTime Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
+ Calls & SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Data only plans

With OVO for Tablet you'll get a heaps of prepaid data that can be used in a tablet or a WiFi device.

BYO device. No contracts - ever.

$29.95 / month

$44.95 / month

$59.95 / month
50 GB

$59.95 / month
Data 13 GB 25 GB 50 GB
+ OVOTime Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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OVO Time means data free entertainment delivered to your mobile


With OVOPlay enjoy action to your mobile, anytime.

With OVO Mobile it’s not just about calling and data.

We partner with some awesome sporting brands like Supercars, Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia and Gymnastics Australia to bring you a heap of entertainment to your mobile or tablet on our app - OVOPlay. And that's not all - we'll keep adding more sports to OVOPlay and that means even more sport for you to enjoy data free.

If you're a motorsport fan you can already watch exclusive highlights from the Supercars plus when there's live action you can stream live trackside commentary and live in-car stats with the Supercars and Audi Sport Customer Racing Australia. Plus you'll find exclusive behind the scenes coverage so that you can get to know the drivers and their pit crew.

If you're a fan of Gymnastics you'll soon be able to stream the 2016 Gymnastics Australia events on OVOPlay too.

There’s no tiered access so once you’re with OVO anything you find on OVOPlay is yours to enjoy. And, best of all anything you see on OVOPlay is data free with OVO Time. That means you can enjoy limitless entertainment to your mobile or tablet without touching your data allowance.

Pick up the action wherever you go with OVO.

Mobile Set Mobile Set

OVO is powered by the Optus mobile network

OVO is powered by the Optus Mobile Network which covers 98.5% of the Australian population. In 2016, you‘ll see Optus reach even more of Australia with the Optus 4G Plus Network, giving you even faster data speeds in even more places.

Just keep in mind that if you’re after 4G coverage you’ll need to use a 4G enabled mobile or tablet in a location covered by 4G.

Step 1

Choose how much data you need

Step 2

Tell us where you'd like your new OVO SIM card sent

Step 3

Confirm your order & pay